The Natural Stage Project is entering into it’s 5th season with a grand Kick-off Festival on Saturday, April 14th, 2012.  We are looking for bands and volunteers for the festival as well as the rest of the events this season.  The festival will take place in an old pioneer oil town up in Santa Clarita (about 45 minutes from downtown LA), and feature bands such as The Mad Gregs, Dustbowl Revival, Tommy Santee Klaws, Missincinatti, Any and Everyone, and more (lineup is still in the works).  Other events this season will include:  a concert in an apple orchard, our annual album tribute, a trip to hawk rock, and more…
BANDS:  Please email with the following information by March 1st, 2012.  Please note:  There are only a couple of open slots for the Mentryville Fest on April 14th.  Write us soon to increase your odds of getting picked.
    1.) Band Name
2.) When you would like to play (April 14th festival, or specify another month or date, weekends only)
    3.) Best contact info for your band (name and email and/or phone)
    optional 4.) If you have other bands in mind that you would like to play with.
    optional 5.) If you have a location in mind that you would like to play, or you would like to suggest for other concerts
If your band has never played an NSP event, please also include:
    6.) A description of your act
7.) If you’ve been to a NSP event before, and if so, which one.  (Priority is generally given to people who have attended past events).
8.) A link to your website or facebook or whatever page you think best represents your band.

VOLUNTEERS:  Please email if you’d like to help out at the kick-off festival or any of our other events. What are the perks of volunteer?  Aside from ensuring that the NSP continues on (forever)…  volunteers will be able to help decide the annual tribute album, the band lineups, and other important stuff…  and well – we’ll think super fondly of you and maybe one day throw you a party.  Here are some things we need help with:
    – Photography
    – Promotion
    – Location Scouting
    – Graphic Designs for flyers/posters
    – General planning
    – Ideas (theme ideas or new ways of incorporating other arts into the events, etc.)
    – Other?
Thanks!  We look forward to see you all again.

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Details Announced for this year’s ALBUM TRIBUTE!

Hey All, 

Our 3rd annual album tribute is upon us: The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds.  Some bands will also be performing some of your favorite classic Beach Boys and Brian Wilson songs.  What better place to have a tribute to the Wilson brothers than on Mt. Wilson.  I hope you can make it!   SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13th, 2011 in the afternoon.  

LOCATION:   Our planned location is an amazing vista point at Mt. Wilson. Directions are posted here:  It’s an easy hike, less than a mile each way.  PLEASE NOTE:  This time of year is difficult for planning outdoor activities, so PLEASE keep that in mind. Check this Facebook event, twitter, or our website the day of the show to see if anything has changed. It could rain or even snow! We will try our best to relocate if possible.  Also, cell reception is spotty up there, so you should write the directions down rather than relying on a smart phone.

TIME: The event will start promptly at 3pm at the Vista Point, not the trailhead (we have to get out of there before the sun sets~ 5:30pm, so we will most certainly start on-time). The location is about a 50-60 minute drive up the 2 freeway, and the hike could take 15-30 minutes, so please factor travel times into determining when to leave for the show.

$$$: This is a FREE event open to anyone. HOWEVER, this location requires a parking permit. Each car will need a $5 parking pass which is available at the store by the parking lot (only until 4pm) or the gas station near foothill as well as the sports chalet.  PLEASE CARPOOL! While there is plenty of parking, I expect it to get snatched up quickly.

RULES: We need to all do our best to follow park rules. It’s fire season afterall – so please no smoking. Alcohol is not permitted either – and we’ve been asked to leave because of it before, so please don’t ruin it for everyone else.

– A picnic blanket, camping chair, or beach towel to sit on.
– Sneakers
– Water
– Warm clothing
– $5 for parking
– Bug spray
– Sunscreen (you may not really need this – it’s a pretty shady hike)
– Snacks or money to buy snacks at the trailhead store (it closes at 4pm)
Feel free to invite friends – or make carpooling plans via the messageboard.  And remember, this event is all-ages and open to the public.  All pets are welcome too!

While this is the last event of the season, we will be sure to get in touch in March 2012 when we are about to start up our 5th Season – can you believe it!?

Without Further ado… I present the lineup! (subject to change)

ACT I:  Beach Boys Classics
Heroes & Villains – BUNNIES & KITTIES
it’s a surprise… – THE OLD ROUND
Be True to your School – MANY DISTANT CITIES
Surfer Girl – JOSH KEESAN
ACT II:  Pet Sounds
Wouldn’t it be nice – JON LEE & THE STRAYS
You still believe in me – THE FINCHES
That’s not me – SILVER PHIAL
Don’t Talk (Put your head on my Shoulder) –  DEATH TO ANDERS
I’m waiting for the Day –  CATHAIR ENSEMBLE
Let’s go away for a while (Instrumental) – THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK  
God Only Knows – ONE TRICK PONY
I know There’s an answer – MAD GREGS
I just wasn’t made for these times – ONE HIGH FIVE
Pet Sounds (Instrumental) – COLLEAGUES
Caroline, No – FORT KING
Bonus:  Hang on to your ego – TOMMY SANTEE KLAWS 
Sara & Jon
of the Natural Stage Project

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Announcing the bands that will be performing this year’s album tribute!

We'll be slowly giving more and more details for this event as the days progress. So pay attention! LIKE our facebook page, subscribe to our twitter, obsessively check our webpage, and send an email with "subscribe" as the subject to Actually you don't need to do any of that to get the info - you should do it just because. All info will be posted here and on our facebook on or before November 6th.

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REQUEST FOR BANDS: A Tribute to the Beach Boys (Pet Sounds)


The final event of the NATURAL STAGE PROJECT season will be a tribute to the Beach Boys (Pet Sounds), taking place on either Sunday, November 6th or 13th in a location (within an hour drive of LA) to be announced on October 31st.  If you are interested in performing, please email by September 20th, with the following information:

1.) Band Name
2.) Song Requests (top 3 or so).  Each band will perform only 1 song.  Pet Sounds will be performed in album order.  Songs off of other albums (including Brian Wilson albums) may be accepted for the opening hour.
3.) A description of your act – and how you intend to approach the song. (ie.  What are going to do to make the song yours?  What instruments will you use (if any)?  Are you going to dress up or use any props (not mandatory by any means, just fun!)? etc.)
4.) If you’ve been to a NSP event before, and if so, which one.  (Priority is generally given to people who have attended past events, as audience or performers).
5.) Date Availability:  November 6th and/or November 13th.
6.) A link to your website or facebook or whatever page you think best represents your band.
7.) Please let us know that you are OK with the rest of this info:

– NSP is just for FUN.  No $$$ is exchanged.  It’s free to the public, and all bands are offering to play for free.  Although the event itself is free, there is a $5 parking fee at the trailhead (incentive to carpool!).  Passes can be purchased at the trailhead store before 4pm the day of the show.
– NSP is an alcohol-free, family-friendly event.  We try our hardest to follow all of the rules of the parks.
– NSP is ALL acoustic.  Please do not bring amps – you will be sorry.
– The hike for this event is less than a mile in each direction.  It’s a really easy, and pretty shady hike, with really really spectacular views at the end.  You’ll like it!   But I wouldn’t want to be the guy with the upright bass hiking all the way in.
– We can’t control nature.  It may rain that day, or a fire may sweep through the area the week before, or a tree may fall blocking the access road.  For whatever reason, they event may have to be postponed.  If that happens, we’ll do our best to notify everyone and post signs, but please be understanding.
– We may not be able to accommodate everyone, but we certainly will try.  We will let you know by September 30th if you are selected, and for which song.
– The event starts at 3pm on the day of the show.  Bands should arrive PRIOR to 3pm or they may forfeit their spot.  The event will be about 50 minutes from Echo Park area (up the 2 freeway), and the hike will take up to 30 minutes, so for example, if you live in Echo Park, you would need to leave home no later than 1:30pm to arrive on time.  The show will end around 5 or 5:30pm.

Thanks!  We look forward to hearing from you – and hearing you.

Jon & Sara

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Son Ark & Josiah Mazzaschi (LightFM) – 8/14 – Runyon Canyon

August 2011 Natural Stage!

Hey friends!

We’re ready and SUPER EXCITED for our next Natural Stage Project!

Sunday, August 14th @ 2:30 PM, we’ll be graced with the amazing talents of Son Ark and NSP newcomer, Josiah Mazzaschi (of LightFM)!!!

We all know that Son Ark will tear the roof off, figuratively speaking – of course…and we’re stoked for Josiah.  If you’ve never heard LightFM, you have some seriously enjoyable homework to do!

We’ll be at our favorite spot in Runyon Canyon.  It’s plenty shady, but don’t forget to bring water and picnic goodies!  Click HERE for directions and photos of the natural stage!

OH – if you haven’t read the amazing article about us on Curbed LA, check it out:

We look forward to seeing you all at Runyon on the 14th at 2:30!!!  Don’t forget that we start every show with an open mic portion, so come prepared 🙂

Jon and Sara

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Oh, Hey 2011 – We’re back!

Hello Friends!

2011 swooped in and knocked us off our feet, and we are FINALLY able to brew up a Natural Stage Project that will surely knock your socks off!

We are at a BRAND NEW NSP location and we are very excited about it.  On Sunday, May 8th, we will be venturing to Studio City’s very own Wilacre Park. 

Wilacre Park Map

If you decide to take the 101, get off at Laurel Canyon Blvd.  Go south on Laurel Canyon (if you are going S on the 101, it’s a right from the off-ramp | if you are going N on the 101, take a left from the off-ramp).  Turn right at Fryman Rd – there is a traffic light there.  The entrance for Wilacre Park will be on your right.

If you decide to take Laurel Canyon Blvd from Hollywood, go past Mulholland and make a left at Fryman Rd (look out for the traffic light).  The entrance for Wilacre Park will be on your right.

There is a parking lot for Wilacre Park – there is a parking fee of $3, which you can pay using the machine when you enter.  Be sure to place the ticket on your dash.  We also strongly encourage carpooling.

How to get to our “stage”:
Once you are parked, start walking up the paved trail (there is only one).
Keep going up the hill for about 1/3 mile.  You will see a small trail to your left.  It’s the first one that doesn’t look steep…

That’s it!  It’s THAT simple 🙂

  • Bring a picnic – there is a picnic table if you get there early enough!
  • Performances go from 2:30 – 5:30.  Every show begins with an open mic portion, so feel free to play a song, read a poem, tell some jokes, propose to your girlfriend/boyfriend…whatever!
  • Bring a blanket to sit on
  • We do have a no alcohol policy, so please keep that in mind

Okay friends!  We hope to see you there!

Jon and Sara

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NIRVember 2010

NIRVember 2010

For directions to the site and other information, check out the link on the right, under “pages / locations”.

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