Mt. Wilson

Approximate driving distance from Echo Park (the beginning of the 2 freeway):  50 minutes.

Approximate hiking distance from trailhead: 0.8 Miles (1.6 Miles round trip)/ Approximately 30 minutes.  Level =  EASY.

Restrooms:  Available at the trailhead.

Food and Water: Available at the trailhead until 4pm.

Cost:  The event is Free and open to EVERYONE!  But, parking is $5.  I recommend that everyone carpools!  One day adventure passes can be purchased at the trailhead for $5 (per car), or you can get one for the whole year for only $35!

Highlights:  Cool sci-fi looking observatories, spectacular mountain views, 75% shade, and very few other people.

Driving Directions:  take the 2 Freeway (Angeles Crest Highway) North into the Angeles National Forest.  Continue for several miles until you get to the RedBox Trailhead.  You will see a small sign at that intersection that says “Mt. Wilson”.  Turn right and follow that winding road approximately 5 miles.  The last little section of road may seem confusing, but t here’s really only one way to go – to the trailhead.  Park at the trailhead and then follow the hiking directions to get to the site of the show.

Hiking Directions:

From the parking lot, start walking towards this stop sign...

Follow this road past this chain link cage.

Not too far from there, you'll see some trails forking from the main road and this sign. Go left towards the RIM TRAIL

If you look to the left, you'll see this sign. Go towards it and continue down the path

Follow this shady trail as it winds around through the old growth trees.

The entire trail is pretty obvious with no other trails forking from it.  But just so you know you’re in the right place, here are some things to look out for…

Have a little rest at this burnt stump bench

Curve around this pile of boulders/logs

Have a snack at this little picnic nook - you're half way there!

Imagine that you're in an old sci-fi thriller

And finally, you will arrive at a sloped clearing - you'll probably hear or see a guitar.

At the bottom of the slope, you'll find this little sign that says "Vista Point".

I suppose it is a good name for this spot.

The End. Can we assume you can find your way back OK?


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