Schedule of Events… 

Unless otherwise noted, here is our typical schedule: 

  • NSP typically begins at 3pm. This is partially to ensure that we can reserve the space for the scheduled acts, and it is also so that everyone can find and get to the location in time.
  • Most concerts include 2-3 bands/performers, each playing sets of 30-45 minutes. This part of the event begins at 4pm.
  • From 3pm-4pm, (and after the scheduled performers), anyone is welcome to play a song. We ask that you only play one song at a time, and that you allow everyone else who wants to play a song to do so before you play again.
  • Please message us if you would like to meet up before the event – to carpool or caravan. A few of us meet at a grocery store (to buy picnic supplies), and combine cars and caravan so no one gets lost. We can also organize meeting you in the parking area near the trail head. Times will vary depending on the location. If you are going by yourself, please take special note of the directions, maps, and photo maps that are provided for the event.
  • At the moment, locations are announced one week before the event. We may increase the notice eventually, but I like the renegade nature of it all. Also, knowing the weather patterns is very helpful in determining a location (extra shade or swimming holes for hot days, sunny spots for cold days, waterfalls for days after big rain storms, caves for actual rainy days, etc.)
Finding us!
When we post directions, please read them carefully. Sometimes the spots are not that easy to find. Always keep your eyes out for little signs like these:
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…. And if we fail you and you get horribly lost. I DO apologize. I hope you will at least appreciate what a nice day it is, and what beauty surrounds you.

Most of our events are in public parks. Unfortunately, that means that alcohol is prohibited. Stupid rule? Yes. But do I understand why it’s in place? Yes. Parks agencies spend thousands of dollars (tax payer $) a year cleaning up beer cans, liquor bottles, and TONS of broken glass…. And many hours breaking up drunken fights and collecting half dead drunks passed out behind the bushes. 

Please don’t get mad at the park rangers for enforcing the law, get mad at the alcoholic jerks that ruin it for everyone else.

Ok- all this being said… maybe you still want to bring a bottle of wine to go with your picnic. All that I ask is that you don’t ruin the event for everyone else. Events have been halted in the past from just one ranger catching site of a couple of beer cans. Please conceal your beverages in a masterful way (canteens, vitawater bottles, flasks shaped like boulders….); do NOT throw your empties into the bushes or break glass on rocks; drink in moderation (no throwing up or fighting, please!); and make sure to have a designated driver!

Thank you!

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