If you would like to be booked at one of the next NSP events, please email Sara and Jon at:

If you’re booked, this is what to expect…

-There IS a built in crowd of about 20-30, but you should still advertise to your friends.
-Pretty much all of our events are in outdoor secluded settings far away from electric. Do not expect to plug into a PA or charge your laptop. Sorry!
-Since it’s free, unfortunately, that means we can’t pay you.
-We don’t own nature. Some things will be beyond our control because of that. Weather could turn awful, film crews could take over the location, fires could crop up restricting the area, etc. We can’t control everything, so just keep that in mind. If something fails, we will try and post a bulletin, twitter message and/or a sign near the trail stating the backup plan.
– Please remind your fans that they “CANNOT BRING ALCOHOL”. Seriously though- if they do bring something, please ask them to conceal it as much as possible.

Please answer the following questions prior to 2 weeks before the event. This will help us determine the best location for the event:

1. Where are you (and your fans) located? How far are you (and your fans) willing to travel (by car) to get to an event?
2. What kind of instruments will you need to carry? How far are you willing to hike with these instruments? (We generally do hikes that are between 1 and 4 miles round trip).
3. Are there other things you require (ie. Shade, Quiet, etc.)? Some trails have waterfalls and other natural noises which sound great with some performers and not others, so please let us know.

Touring musicians: please specify a date you are interested in. Keep in mind that, for now, we only book Saturdays and Sundays.

Local musicians: coming to an event will increase your chances of being booked in the future.

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