NSP 2008

For pictures and archived information from past performances, please click on the date:

April 6th: PILOT @ Griffith Park’s Hawk Rock. Open mic format with the Wilson Heights Gang, Bunnies & Kitties, Homesick Elephant, Kellen Yamanaka, and many others.

May 4th: Son Ark and Friends @ Griffith Park’s Bat Caves

June 1st: One Trick Pony, and Mad Gregs @ Griffith Park’s Hawk Rock

July 6th: The Bowmans, Great Job, and Fort King @ El Matador Beach, Malibu

August 3rd: In Heaven & You, and Watercolor Paintings @ Griffith Park’s Bat Caves

September 7th: Triple Chicken Foot, and Adam Arcuragi @ Runyon Canyon Park (Hollywood)

October 5th: The First Annual Uketober Fest @ Millard Falls (Pasadena/Altadena) featuring: Ukulady, Madame Pamita, Watercolor Paintings, Uklear Winter, and a few others!

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