Fall Festival & Album Tribute: UPDATES!

Hello All!

I have some exciting news about the Natural Stage Project’s Fall Festival and Tribute to Fleetwood Mac. 

1.)    The Lineup will include the following bands:  Tommy Santee Klaws, Mad Gregs, Dorian Wood, Many Distant Cities, Bunnies & Kitties, Chris Colthart (of Gold Paint), Fort King, Michael Quinn, Adrianne Nigg, Avolcano (formerly Ghiant), Dibs, The Receptionists, Homesick Elephant, The Eager Seaver, Brandon Schott, The Old Round, Ukulady & Ukulad, and One High Five.  (the order and details will be announced in the next week.)

2.)    Campsite reservations will begin shortly!   Each site is $20 per night.  Sites fit up to 4-5 smallish tents, and sites must be rented for both nights.  Site fee does not include the $5/car per day parking fee.   We recommend you talk to friends and get a camping and carpooling group together!   It will make things extra cheap AND extra fun. 

  • Campground amenities:  Portopotties, running water, charcoal grilles, spectacular views (photo ops!), a great 2.6 mile loop trail, and lots of shade.  Dogs are allowed but must be on leash.  A communal campfire will be provided as long as there is no Red Flag warning for the area.
  • Campsite Captains!  If you reserve a campsite and want to host a morning or evening workshop, meal, performance, etc.  Let me know and we can discuss details!  Email hikeswithoutmics@gmail.com.

3.)    The main event will be on Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 from 11:30am until 6:30pm.  So you CAN just come for the day.  But I highly recommend coming early and/or sticking around for the night/weekend.  There will be many other more loosely scheduled activities including (but not limited to):  a BBQ, Campfire (Weather permitting), a sing-a-long, other performances, a hike, a tequila tasting, and other workshops and activities.  The great part about this event is that it is not JUST a concert, but an opportunity to build community and get to know everyone outside the typical show arena.  Come be a part of it!

4.)    PHOTOS!  See some amazing photos of the location:





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