The Natural Stage Project is entering into it’s 5th season with a grand Kick-off Festival on Saturday, April 14th, 2012.  We are looking for bands and volunteers for the festival as well as the rest of the events this season.  The festival will take place in an old pioneer oil town up in Santa Clarita (about 45 minutes from downtown LA), and feature bands such as The Mad Gregs, Dustbowl Revival, Tommy Santee Klaws, Missincinatti, Any and Everyone, and more (lineup is still in the works).  Other events this season will include:  a concert in an apple orchard, our annual album tribute, a trip to hawk rock, and more…
BANDS:  Please email with the following information by March 1st, 2012.  Please note:  There are only a couple of open slots for the Mentryville Fest on April 14th.  Write us soon to increase your odds of getting picked.
    1.) Band Name
2.) When you would like to play (April 14th festival, or specify another month or date, weekends only)
    3.) Best contact info for your band (name and email and/or phone)
    optional 4.) If you have other bands in mind that you would like to play with.
    optional 5.) If you have a location in mind that you would like to play, or you would like to suggest for other concerts
If your band has never played an NSP event, please also include:
    6.) A description of your act
7.) If you’ve been to a NSP event before, and if so, which one.  (Priority is generally given to people who have attended past events).
8.) A link to your website or facebook or whatever page you think best represents your band.

VOLUNTEERS:  Please email if you’d like to help out at the kick-off festival or any of our other events. What are the perks of volunteer?  Aside from ensuring that the NSP continues on (forever)…  volunteers will be able to help decide the annual tribute album, the band lineups, and other important stuff…  and well – we’ll think super fondly of you and maybe one day throw you a party.  Here are some things we need help with:
    – Photography
    – Promotion
    – Location Scouting
    – Graphic Designs for flyers/posters
    – General planning
    – Ideas (theme ideas or new ways of incorporating other arts into the events, etc.)
    – Other?
Thanks!  We look forward to see you all again.

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