Details Announced for this year’s ALBUM TRIBUTE!

Hey All, 

Our 3rd annual album tribute is upon us: The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds.  Some bands will also be performing some of your favorite classic Beach Boys and Brian Wilson songs.  What better place to have a tribute to the Wilson brothers than on Mt. Wilson.  I hope you can make it!   SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13th, 2011 in the afternoon.  

LOCATION:   Our planned location is an amazing vista point at Mt. Wilson. Directions are posted here:  It’s an easy hike, less than a mile each way.  PLEASE NOTE:  This time of year is difficult for planning outdoor activities, so PLEASE keep that in mind. Check this Facebook event, twitter, or our website the day of the show to see if anything has changed. It could rain or even snow! We will try our best to relocate if possible.  Also, cell reception is spotty up there, so you should write the directions down rather than relying on a smart phone.

TIME: The event will start promptly at 3pm at the Vista Point, not the trailhead (we have to get out of there before the sun sets~ 5:30pm, so we will most certainly start on-time). The location is about a 50-60 minute drive up the 2 freeway, and the hike could take 15-30 minutes, so please factor travel times into determining when to leave for the show.

$$$: This is a FREE event open to anyone. HOWEVER, this location requires a parking permit. Each car will need a $5 parking pass which is available at the store by the parking lot (only until 4pm) or the gas station near foothill as well as the sports chalet.  PLEASE CARPOOL! While there is plenty of parking, I expect it to get snatched up quickly.

RULES: We need to all do our best to follow park rules. It’s fire season afterall – so please no smoking. Alcohol is not permitted either – and we’ve been asked to leave because of it before, so please don’t ruin it for everyone else.

– A picnic blanket, camping chair, or beach towel to sit on.
– Sneakers
– Water
– Warm clothing
– $5 for parking
– Bug spray
– Sunscreen (you may not really need this – it’s a pretty shady hike)
– Snacks or money to buy snacks at the trailhead store (it closes at 4pm)
Feel free to invite friends – or make carpooling plans via the messageboard.  And remember, this event is all-ages and open to the public.  All pets are welcome too!

While this is the last event of the season, we will be sure to get in touch in March 2012 when we are about to start up our 5th Season – can you believe it!?

Without Further ado… I present the lineup! (subject to change)

ACT I:  Beach Boys Classics
Heroes & Villains – BUNNIES & KITTIES
it’s a surprise… – THE OLD ROUND
Be True to your School – MANY DISTANT CITIES
Surfer Girl – JOSH KEESAN
ACT II:  Pet Sounds
Wouldn’t it be nice – JON LEE & THE STRAYS
You still believe in me – THE FINCHES
That’s not me – SILVER PHIAL
Don’t Talk (Put your head on my Shoulder) –  DEATH TO ANDERS
I’m waiting for the Day –  CATHAIR ENSEMBLE
Let’s go away for a while (Instrumental) – THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK  
God Only Knows – ONE TRICK PONY
I know There’s an answer – MAD GREGS
I just wasn’t made for these times – ONE HIGH FIVE
Pet Sounds (Instrumental) – COLLEAGUES
Caroline, No – FORT KING
Bonus:  Hang on to your ego – TOMMY SANTEE KLAWS 
Sara & Jon
of the Natural Stage Project

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