Son Ark & Josiah Mazzaschi (LightFM) – 8/14 – Runyon Canyon

August 2011 Natural Stage!

Hey friends!

We’re ready and SUPER EXCITED for our next Natural Stage Project!

Sunday, August 14th @ 2:30 PM, we’ll be graced with the amazing talents of Son Ark and NSP newcomer, Josiah Mazzaschi (of LightFM)!!!

We all know that Son Ark will tear the roof off, figuratively speaking – of course…and we’re stoked for Josiah.  If you’ve never heard LightFM, you have some seriously enjoyable homework to do!

We’ll be at our favorite spot in Runyon Canyon.  It’s plenty shady, but don’t forget to bring water and picnic goodies!  Click HERE for directions and photos of the natural stage!

OH – if you haven’t read the amazing article about us on Curbed LA, check it out:

We look forward to seeing you all at Runyon on the 14th at 2:30!!!  Don’t forget that we start every show with an open mic portion, so come prepared 🙂

Jon and Sara


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