Oh, Hey 2011 – We’re back!

Hello Friends!

2011 swooped in and knocked us off our feet, and we are FINALLY able to brew up a Natural Stage Project that will surely knock your socks off!

We are at a BRAND NEW NSP location and we are very excited about it.  On Sunday, May 8th, we will be venturing to Studio City’s very own Wilacre Park. 

Wilacre Park Map

If you decide to take the 101, get off at Laurel Canyon Blvd.  Go south on Laurel Canyon (if you are going S on the 101, it’s a right from the off-ramp | if you are going N on the 101, take a left from the off-ramp).  Turn right at Fryman Rd – there is a traffic light there.  The entrance for Wilacre Park will be on your right.

If you decide to take Laurel Canyon Blvd from Hollywood, go past Mulholland and make a left at Fryman Rd (look out for the traffic light).  The entrance for Wilacre Park will be on your right.

There is a parking lot for Wilacre Park – there is a parking fee of $3, which you can pay using the machine when you enter.  Be sure to place the ticket on your dash.  We also strongly encourage carpooling.

How to get to our “stage”:
Once you are parked, start walking up the paved trail (there is only one).
Keep going up the hill for about 1/3 mile.  You will see a small trail to your left.  It’s the first one that doesn’t look steep…

That’s it!  It’s THAT simple 🙂

  • Bring a picnic – there is a picnic table if you get there early enough!
  • Performances go from 2:30 – 5:30.  Every show begins with an open mic portion, so feel free to play a song, read a poem, tell some jokes, propose to your girlfriend/boyfriend…whatever!
  • Bring a blanket to sit on
  • We do have a no alcohol policy, so please keep that in mind

Okay friends!  We hope to see you there!

Jon and Sara


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