Goodbye NSP as we know it…. but not good bye for good…

Hi Friends!!!!

We would like to thank each and every one of you for attending and supporting The Natural Stage Project.  For 3 years, we have been able to put on some amazing shows while encouraging people to get out and explore some of Southern California’s greatest parks and hikes.  It has always been your positive feedback that has kept us going.  However, we have some good news and bad news.
The bad news is that our lives have gotten a little hectic.  One of us has been touring the planet with her various bands and building parks with crazy fountains.  The other has been traveling for work, making the best television programming known to mankind [debatable] and saving whales.  Because of these reasons, we will be discontinuing The Natural Stage Project as we know it.
Here’s the good news…as we will not be planning shows on a monthly basis, we WILL be putting on NSP shows as frequently as we can, though we will not be able to stick to our “first sunday of the month” agenda.  The past 3 years have given us a lot of joy – we’ve seen so many amazing bands perform at some of our craziest shows.  It would be asinine to name all of our acts – you know who you are.
On that note, our next show will be NIRVEMBER, our November/Nirvana themed show – to be announced in the next posting…
Sara & Jon
ps.  If you want more NSP events to happen, consider volunteering!  We can ALWAYS use extra help in scouting locations, booking bands, promoting, making flyers, photographing, etc.  We may also venture into the world of grant writing!  Please write to use if you’re interested, and let us know what areas you would like to help us with.  And thanks in advance!

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