The 2nd Annual Joshua Tree Adventure (Saturday June 5th AND Sunday June 6th)

Last year, we started a tradition which I hope will grow over the years… a field trip to Joshua Tree National Park to see some amazing bands perform on top of giant boulders in the desert.

This year, we are collaborating with a local music venue Pappy & Harriet’s. So, I recommend bringing your camping gear or getting a hotel in the area because this is going to be an epic adventure – a weekend long festival with both natural AND unnatural stages, hikes AND mics.

Here is the schedule:

Saturday, June 5th:
3pm @ Jumbo Rocks: One Trick Pony, Homesick Elephant and more!  (We may not actually start until 4pm or so)
8pm @ Pappy & Harriet’s: Leslie & the Badgers, John Meeks (we didn’t book this show, but we STRONGLY support it)

Sunday, June 6th:
An afternoon @ Pappy & Harriet’s (Time is TBA, but it will likely start sometime between noon and 2pm, and it will continue until 6:30pm): Missincinati, Marshweed, Leslie without the Badgers (solo), and more!

Please spread the word! Feel free to post on here to coordinate camping, carpool, hotels, etc. Who knows, maybe there will be some impromptu late nights shows at the campgrounds…..

Check out the Pappy & Harriet’s website below – they have lots of lodging recommendations including some places right in their backyard!

Hope to see you there!

The NSP Folks

Directions: Follow directions from the website below for how to get to “Jumbo Rocks Campground” in Joshua Tree National Park (please note that there IS an entrance fee per car if you go during the day, so we recommend carpooling). Check the campground bulletin board by the parking lot for directions for how to get to the show location (it’s a very short walk and it’s essentially just straight back behind the bulletin board).

Directions to Pappy & Harriet’s: Just check out this website, it should answer all of your questions….!/event.php?eid=112994295411171&index=1


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