March 2010 Natural Stage defeats the odds (and bears)

Thanks again to everybody who made it out yesterday to watch Dylan Trees & One Trick Pony totally kill it the event (not to mention our phenomenal open “mic” acts)!  We managed to totally avoid the rain, which was a huge relief for all.  I also want to thank everybody for understanding our need to relocate to the nearest “natural stage”, which ended up being quite unnatural, though 100% perfect.

Anybody who did come knows that there was a commercial (McDonalds?) shooting in the actual caves and it involved live bears, so we needed to relocate.  I hope we will all see this commercial some day soon and remember fondly the adventure that ensued.

It is because of the enthusiasm of our bands and audience that keeps us doing this and I hope we can do this forever.  I would also like to graciously thank the bullfrogs that sang along during both bands’ performances.  If anybody has photos or videos, please email us links and we will post them on our site (

Thanks again!

Jon and Sara


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