One Trick Pony & Dylan Trees @ The Bronson Caves!!!!!

We are excited to kick off the 2010 season (our third!) with NSP veterans, One Trick Pony, and NSP newcomers, Dylan Trees!  This entire season is going to be treat after treat, and we wanted to start it off with a bang.  Read the rest of this post carefully and we’ll see you there (rain or shine)!

the Bronson Caves (AKA:  The Bat Caves) in Griffith Park:

If you haven’t been there before, the hike is super short, the location is quite convenient to all, and you really just can’t go wrong with a spot made famous by a 1960s TV series.   The only thing worth making an extra special note about is that this is quite a public spot, so please be COMPLETELY inconspicuous if you plan on bringing alcohol of any sort.  The Natural Stage Project strives to be alcohol free or to at least APPEAR to be alcohol free.  Thank you for helping us accomplish this goal.

Location / Directions:

From Hollywood Boulevard, turn north up Canyon Drive or Bronson Avenue (which merges with Canyon Drive later). Take Canyon Drive up north, through the gates into Griffith Park, to where the road seems to end, then park and prepare for a short hike. The trail to the caves begins at the very end of Canyon drive. When you leave the gravel parking lot, take the trail to the right. Do not hike more than 1/4 mile. When trail forks, go left. Check out this hilarious webpage that offers pictures to show you where to go. If weather permits, we’ll try to go through the caves and set up in the open space behind the caves.

Things to bring:

– An instrument, should you choose to partake in some open “mic” activity.
– Water – you can never have too much water
– A picnic if you’re hungry!  (don’t forget your picnic blanket!)
– Friends!!!


– If you need to bring alcohol, PLEASE conceal it to the best of your ability.
– No SMOKING!  This is Fire season!
– The hike is only about 1/2 mile TOTAL round trip.  It’s super easy!  So bring your parents or grandparents or children.  They’ll have a blast!  But bring chairs or picnic blankets, there is no real natural seating (at least nothing that comfortable!)


If you’d like to pick up some picnic supplies on your way – shop local at LOCALI.  We’ll get you a discount.  (5825 Franklin Ave).  When you are checking out, use the coupon code NATURALSTAGE0301 for 10% off!  Also, if you have an empty water bottle, you can fill it up there with their reverse-osmosis water tap!

Natural Stage Project Merch:

For those of you who don’t already have one of our amazing eco-totes, we sell them at our events for $7.  All proceeds go to a charity of your choosing at on the online poll.

That’s it for now.  See you there!!!
Sara and Jon


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