Uketoberfest 2009!


“I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since the last Uketoberfest!”
-Jim Hall, NSP Supporter

It’s that time of year again – UKETOBER FEST time!  It is both a sad and happy time for us here at the Natural Stage Project.  Sad: It marks the end of our season (stay tuned!  We kick back up in March).  Happy: We welcome the lovely Madame Pamita, The Ukulady, Kate Micucci, and many more.  And I, (Sara, not Jon) will get a chance to break out my Dirndl!  Seriously.  Bring your Uke or ask us about borrowing one if you’d like to play a song.

Location / Directions:
We are going to be exploring the Fern Dell area of Griffith Park (in Hollywood).  “Under dense pine trees and shaded ferns, this relaxed walk will lead you along wooden bridges and past small cascading waterfalls. The sound of running water and hushed conversation makes for a peaceful and pleasant 15-minute stroll.”  Aimee Brodeur of Metromix.

We’ll actually be trekking through the part of Fern Dell without waterfalls, though we encourage you to come early and explore the entire park.  The entrance is at Franklin and Fern Dell at the Los Feliz/Hollywood border. Lots of great little trails at this part of Griffith!  Speaking of trails, you’ll begin your journey on foot at the parking area across from The Trails Cafe.

gp1Enter through one of the many paths along the parking area and then make a left.

gp2If you’d like to check out the path along the creek, go right instead…but be sure to head back to the left for The Natural Stage.  You’ll end up at a restroom that looks like this:


Once you’re there (it’s really only a 30 second walk), you will see a small bridge to your right.  Please go ahead and cross it and proceed left.  Keep walking.  There will be some really cool rocks to your left:

Once these end, make a right onto the path pictured below:


After the little tree, make a left and follow the path…
You’ll cross over a pipe in the path. Watch your step!!! You’re almost there 🙂 You’re about to approach an area that looks like this:


Once you approach the tree with the graffiti on it, hang a right…

We’ll be gathering right up here!  This will be our stage area:

Things to bring:
– An UKE, should you chose to partake in some open “mic” activity.
– Water – you can never have too much water
– A blanket for sitting.
– A picnic if you’re hungry! The Trails Cafe has tasty treats and/or stop by Locali!
– Friends!!!

Support our friends:
Locali (on Franklin and Canyon Drive) has great snacks, drinks and sandwiches.  Visit for more info! Use the coupon code: NaturalStage1009 to get 10% off!

We still have some tote bags left.  They cost $7 and ALL proceeds go to charity.

– If you need to bring alcohol, PLEASE conceal it to the best of your ability. “But this isn’t UketoberFest without a good beer!” you say.  Well, let’s plan on having an after party somewhere, such as the Red Lion.  We are open to suggestions, and will announce the after party at the event.
– No SMOKING for obvious reasons!
– This is a very short mini-hike and it is very simple, but is a popular spot with frequent passers-by.  We encourage you to mind your surroundings be respectful to other hikers.
– Don’t forget bug spray and sunscreen.  It’s a shady trail, but that sun can be a bugger!  And those bugs… well.  Just bring bug spray.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Sara and Jon


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    […] wish I could go to the Uketober Fest in Griffith Park LA. It features a bunch of Uke Hunt favourites: Kate Micucci, Madame Pamita and […]

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    […] good news. She’s currently recording the next series of Scrubs and she will be playing at Uketober Fest in Griffith Park LA along with fellow Uke Hunt favourites: , Madame Pamita and The […]

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