This month, we will be featuring the following Los Angeles bands covering NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL’S legendary album “In The Aeroplane Over the Sea” in its entirety!

Mad Gregs (
One Trick Pony (
Marshweed (
Homesick Elephant (
Death to Anders (
Dormouse Choir (
Tommy Wallach (
Tommy Santee Klaws (
The Wilson Heights Gang (
Bunnies and Kitties (
Jon Lee (
and more!

LOCATION: Topanga State Park!

DIRECTIONS: From the 101, take Topanga Canyon Drive south towards the PCH. Make a left on Entrada Road and follow signs to Topanga State Park (you basically make a left a bunch of times until you get to the top of a big hill). If you’re coming FROM the PCH, take Topanga Canyon Drive North, and make a RIGHT on Entrada Road. Park in or near the upper parking lot. Parking IN the parking lot will cost you $8 – but if you can spare it, please do (if you can’t, just park on a side street). State Parks needs our help! The good ol’ gov’na is planning on shutting down almost ALL California State Parks as of Labor Day! Please visit this site to learn more and see how you can help! We typically don’t like to impose our political viewpoints, but this one is super important!

EXPLICIT DIRECTIONS: Follow the Tippet Ranch Trail approximately 1/3 mile, then follow your ears!  For explicit hiking directions, please click HERE. And pleeease read the directions – or you may end up just wandering around some random canyon trail (which actually doesn’t sound that bad!)

ABOUT THE LOCATION/HIKE: Topanga Canyon is a quiet retreat, surrounded by L.A. sprawl but retaining its rural character. The state park is sometimes billed as “the largest state park within a city limit in the U.S.” The hike is SUPER short. Only about 1/3 mile each way. It should only take about 5 minutes or so to walk, but don’t underestimate the time it will take you to DRIVE to this place – plan accordingly.

TIME/DETAILS: The event, as always, will start at 3pm and go until around 5:30-6pm. Bring a picnic and blanket or chair (portable chairs may be better for this site). No alcohol please (or at least very expertly disguised). I should probably also specify no fireworks. Oh yes, and as always, the event is taking place the first Sunday of the month, so in this case, that will be Sunday, July 5th, 2009!

PERFORM!: If you would like to perform (sing/play/speak/act) a Neutral Milk Hotel song and are not already scheduled, please let me know! Between 3 and 4pm we will be having acts perform songs off of OTHER Neutral Milk Hotel and Jeff Mangum albums. So if you can, let us know in advance so we can be sure that we won’t have the same song performed twice.

WWW.THENATURALSTAGEPROJECT.COM – it’s your one stop shop for all Natural Stage Project Events!

BUY!: In case you missed last week, we started selling NSP tote bags! They’re only $7 and ALL PROCEEDS go to charity. Visit to vote – the winning charity will get every last penny!

PLUGS: We would like to quickly plug 3 of our favorite shops on the east side…

Reform School ( We had the pleasure of having Reform School’s owners as guests at June’s Natural Stage Project. They are wonderful people, and just as their website URL claims, they totally rule.

Locali ( Visit Locali for picnic supplies before the next Natural Stage Project Event. They have a great deli menu (most sandwichs can be made vegan) and a number of fantastic green-products. ALSO, if you give them the coupon code “NaturalStage0709”, you can get a nice little discount. It is valid ALL THIS WEEK AND THE WEEK FOLLOWING OUR EVENT!!! Locali has become a great friend of Locali and we are honored to be working hand-in-hand with them.

All Shades of Green ( Another eco-friendly store with tools and products to keep you green! They have classes and seminars AND their website is also a wonderful blog.

Hope to see you all there!
Jon & Sara
of The Natural Stage Project

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