SATURDAY, May 2nd – Joshua Tree

So you missed Coachella? Or maybe you went, but it was too crowded and you were craving something more intimate…

Come to Hikes without Mic’s Joshua Tree Adventure!


We will be meeting at Jumbo Rocks campground by the bulletin board at 2:30pm on May 2nd (NOTE: That’s a SATURDAY, not a Sunday). The hike in will be short, but we will find the best spot: something shady among the magnificent boulders. For all you stragglers, you can find a little green sheet of paper on the bulletin board which will have directions for you.

We will be graced by performances by Leslie & the Badgers, Lucas Gonze, and a couple of other special guests!


The After Party… in Pioneertown, the small town built in the 1940s as a live-in Old West motion pictures site.

The Faraway Places and the Parson Redheads will rock your socks off, and there will be a dance party into the night.

You don’t want to miss this crazy adventure! Go HERE to find more information on lodging, etc. Chris from the Faraway Places has already done a lot of the legwork for me. Thanks, Chris!

Be sure to note that there will be NO event on SUNDAY, May 3rd.

Oh, and HAPPY EARTH DAY, everyone!


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    Lucas said,

    Had a great time. Thanks again.

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